Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For & Make Some Lemonade

In my last post, I was talking about how tired I am of rushing around and how I'm vowing to slow down. Well, God took me at my word (be careful what you wish for!). Last night my youngest got sick, so I kept him home from school today. It turns out, he's fine and will most likely head back to school tomorrow, but my plans for the day flew out the window, which turned out to be a glorious change of pace.

It's just about Noon and, so far, my son and I have talked over a leisurely breakfast, played 4 board games, watched a Rolie Polie Ollie video (well, mostly he watched it, but I enjoyed hearing the familiar voices and story line), and enjoyed lunch together. We've shared lots of smiles and laughter, lots of hugs and cuddles, and I even managed to sneak in several loads of laundry! He's now happily playing a computer game, which gives me some Mom time. I hope to wrap this up and get some quilting time in before our afternoon round of board games begins.

I'm sorry that my little one is under the weather, but I am so very thrilled to have him home with me. I'm enjoying the best moments of his preschool days all over again, and it's heaven. What started as an "Oh no!" kind of night has turned into a day of parenting bliss. I gave in to God and gave up the rushing and the stress. I'm ignoring the To Do list and making my son my focus today, and that feels oh so very right in my heart and soul. We have a whole day to just be - what a gift!

My experience today has reaffirmed my vow to slow down and focus on what's really important in life. I thought God gave me a bushel of lemons last night, but we've managed to make lemonade, and I'm enjoying it immensely. Life is too short to constantly rush through it. Children grow and change so quickly. Soak up and savor every ounce of sweetness while they're little. Not only will it make your life more vibrant, it will lead to happy and well-balanced children who will learn to be kind and nurturing people. One day you may need that from them.

Off I go to sew a little thread and to sow some more sunshine!

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